Problem Solver

Niladri Vyas

Areas Niladri Vyas is Knowledgeable in:

Materials selection, composites, polymers, coatings, inks, printed electronics, biosensors, graphene, nanomaterials, ceramics, solar cells, batteries, energy storage materials, waste recycling.

Techniques Niladri Vyas Uses:

I have over 10 years' of experience in working as a materials engineer on different types of cross disciplinary commercial as well as academic projects. This has helped me developed essential problem solving skills based on real life scenarios. I sometimes rely on research publications and patents to solve problems. I also think out of the box and apply my vast R&D experience to come up with innovative solutions. I keep my knowledge updated via the internet and attending various webinars and conferences.

Niladri Vyas's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Energy storage
  2. Materials Selection
  3. Polymers compounding
  4. Ceramics
  5. Aerospace materials
  6. Graphene
  7. Printed electronics
  8. Coatings
  9. Paints
  10. Solar cells
  11. 3D printing
  12. Composites

Niladri Vyas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have currently four pending patent applications three of which are based on novel energy storage batteries and supercapacitors and one is based on fully screen printable organic light emitting diodes.
  2. Project manged Innovate UK and EU Horizon 2020 projects.
  3. Worked on commercial projects for large companies operating in automotive, aerospace and defense sectors.
  4. Development of graphene enhanced advanced materials for functional coatings, printed electronics and 3D printing.