Innovation Consultant

Olagoke Ajibulu

Olagoke Ajibulu
Omnipratika has a unique approach that builds long-term relationships with customers/clients, based on our values on openness, collaboration, mutual dependency, professionalism, sustainability, profitability, innovation....Today's world demands the kind of attitude to business which makes collaboration an imperative for effective partnerships. The depth and breadth of our capabilities mean that we can deliver truly/honest inspired solutions. Together, we really can make a better tomorrow. Ethically, our aim like any other business, is to make profit. To achieve this, we need to maintain an awareness/consciousness of the social, economic, cultural, scientific, technological, security, and environmental implications of the work we do. We then developed our own mandate/model for adhering strictly to this as best as we can using the golden rule maxim. The earth is all about people, information, knowledge and what we do with it.

Olagoke Ajibulu's consultancy:

Collection of polythene waste for extruders in Lagos
Strategy for prevention of oil pipeline vandalization in Nigeria.
Proactive strategies against aircraft hijacks