Problem Solver

Oleksiy Myronyuk

Areas Oleksiy Myronyuk is Knowledgeable in:

Material science, polymer chemistry and technology, coatings chemistry and technology, surface chemistry. Application of nanomaterials in coatings and polymer processing.

Techniques Oleksiy Myronyuk Uses:

Microscopy (optical + electron), FTIR, VIS, UV-spectroscopy, XRD techniques, Surface properties measuring techniques.
Specific properties determination techniques development.
Manufacturing process setting up.

Oleksiy Myronyuk's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. polymer material science
  2. coatings technology
  3. surface treatment

Oleksiy Myronyuk's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Superhydrophobic treatment for the fabric. Modified siloxane-based solution obtaining and testing. Organizing pilot production.
  2. Ablation resistant carbon fuel nozzle. Project leader - development of compounding procedures and formulation. Development of testing procedures. Organizing small scale (100 kg/month) manufacture.
  3. Intumescent coating (passive fire protection) development. Project leader - formulating composite basing on the carbon foam formation kinetics and resulting char properties.
    The work included the formulation, char obtaining (by original procedure), characterization of foams, evaluation and optimization of fire protective property.