Problem Solver

Pamela Quilliam

Areas Pamela Quilliam is Knowledgeable in:

Accounting/Business, Economics and Finance

Techniques Pamela Quilliam Uses:

Identifying the problem
Finding solutions to problems

Pamela Quilliam's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I like creating CDs with various playlists as presents and I also record live musicians with permission and upload to youtube
  2. I like watching various movies and TV shows
  3. I have severe Bipolar 1 Disorder with psychosis which is under management through medication and therapy so I know what it is l
  4. I use all forms of media to help achieve their goals
  5. I am proficient in using marketing techniques and this is my sister's area of expertise
  6. I have interpersonal relationships
  7. I use the internet
  8. I studied Issues in Accounting Information Systems and proficient in Xplan, Visiplan and MYOB
  9. I have an interest in healthcare as I am a proficient user of these facilities
  10. I have an interest in all levels of government. My mum worked for our government for the last 28 years.
  11. For food science - I like to cook, create and invent
  12. I work as a Paraplanner for top companies in NSW
  13. I like entertainment
  14. I attended all levels of education and my sister works in the education industry
  15. I have an interest in consumer products and cosmetology as I am an inventor in these areas
  16. I am proficient in communication skills and the use of technology for the telecommunications industry
  17. I have qualifications in Accounting/Business, Economics and Finance
  18. I can use data normalisation for large data
  19. I like sourcing the cheapest materials for my inventions especially for packaging purposes
  20. I like being an inventor
  21. I like solving other peoples problems
  22. I like recycling
  23. I have research skills
  24. I use sports equipment such as Yoga mats, rollerblades and resistance bands
  25. I use public transportation - I travel 3 hours to and from work

Pamela Quilliam's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I use my research skills to:
    - source the cheapest materials
    - I bought a designer dress which costs US $200 for AUD $13 with no bidding required. I also bought another designer dress worth $1,195 for $90 with no bidding required.
    - I bought return flights from Sydney to Cebu for $300 - they are retailing for $900
    - Portable power banks are retailing in Australia for $99.95 - I can get a better product with more mah for $10
    - I can buy a micro sd card for $7 instead of $70
    - I never paid full price for hotel accommodation
  2. I have used data normalisation to reduce a systems data to a manageable level.
  3. I have improved the efficiency level in my workplace this has reduced my work load from 5 days to 2 days
  4. I have created spa like products with only using natural ingredients
  5. I have created household products that reduce storage and that are comfortable for people to use
  6. I like sourcing the cheapest materials for my inventions especially for packaging purposes