Problem Solver

Parash Jatiani

Areas Parash Jatiani is Knowledgeable in:

Psychology, Possible Human Reactions, Business, etc

Techniques Parash Jatiani Uses:

Analysis of Problem, Brainstorming answer, Modelling in the answer, setting various variables, finding out which possible answer having the best result

Parash Jatiani's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. General Problems

Parash Jatiani's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I solved a problem for my mining company when they had problem with villagers that caused them to shut down their entire operations
  2. With my previous company solved a problem with government officials that include predicting how they will reach and successfully counter-act it
  3. I helped to solve a problem between a company that my friend worked in with government officials regarding their Working Method
  4. Ever Been Contracted to help the Geology Team to solve mining method problem in swamp area, and got the heavy machinery supplier for them
  5. Solved Numerous Problems regarding issues with Computer/Laptop (Driver problem, Software Problem, Misbehaving Computer, etc)