Problem Solver

Patric Hondo

Patric Hondo

Areas Patric Hondo is Knowledgeable in:

History, culture, society, science in general, politics,

Techniques Patric Hondo Uses:

- Going back to basics.
- Adapt and counter.
- Means-end analysis
- Failure mode and effects analysis

Patric Hondo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Industrial Project Management
  2. Problem solver for the global petrochemical industry
  3. Industrial Health and Safety
  4. Industrial Security
  5. Negotiator
  6. Worked with national security
  7. Educated my own workforce at my own company

Patric Hondo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a new health and safety strategy for the largest scaffolding company operating in Sweden.
  2. I have helped many oil companies around the globe to reduce costs during their production shutdowns.
  3. I built, renewed and developed a whole new division for the largest industrial service companies in Norway.