Patent Holder

Paul Chalifoux

9,656,138 Push compression interchangeable golf grip
9,656,133 Expanding golf grip core
9,586,114 Snap compression interchangeable golf grip
9,452,333 Compression interchangeable golf grip
8,173,410 Collapsible dish drying rack
5,820,376 Dental post having cutting extensions, and method of use
5,820,375 Dental post having cutting and non-cutting surfaces
5,788,497 Dental post
5,520,921 Periodontal packing device
5,458,488 Dental implant and post construction
5,437,551 Dental implant post and prosthesis construction
5,362,237 Dental post construction
5,342,200 Dental post and bur construction
5,336,092 Dental post construction
5,316,478 Dental post with cutting surfaces
5,312,253 Dental implant post and prosthesis construction
5,277,583 Dental post
5,217,133 Can construction with wall indentation
5,197,881 Dental implant system and apparatus