Problem Solver

Paul Ortega

Paul Ortega

Areas Paul Ortega is Knowledgeable in:

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Non Destructive Inspection, and Salvage of precious metals,

Techniques Paul Ortega Uses:

Diagnose mechanical and electrical components of Air Conditioning and Refrigerating Units.

Paul Ortega's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Superintendent and Quality Assurance Representative USAF Maintenance and Safety
  2. Amateur Inventor of consumer products, Kitchen gadgets, lawn and garden, boating, automotive, wood working, camping, biking
  3. Recycle of consumer products and industrial materials
  4. Retired Business, Ortega Appliance Repair Service, HVAC/Refrigeration
  5. Retired USAF MSGT Aircraft Inspector, X-ray technician, Ultrasonics. Eddy Currents, Magna Flux, Dye Penetrant. Oil analysis.
  6. Salvage of precious metals Gold, silver brass, copper, lead, pewter

Paul Ortega's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a tool to draw copper tubing and electrical wring through Small diameter pipe/chase.