Problem Solver

Paul van de Loo

Paul van de Loo

Areas Paul van de Loo is Knowledgeable in:

Technical investigations of accidents and failures. Service as an expert witness. Technology audits and feasibility studies, design reviews. Control systems, thermodynamics. Design of mechanisms and complex electro-mechanical products and systems.

Techniques Paul van de Loo Uses:

I am the Director of Applidyne Australia and we are design engineers specialising in product design based in Adelaide, Australia. We perform engineering design, research and development (R&D), analysis, validation and project management. Since 1993 Applidyne has provided a seamless multi-disciplinary approach to product development and design.

Paul van de Loo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. mechanical testing
  2. mechanical
  3. engineering
  4. thermal energy storage
  5. mechanical energy storage
  6. energy generation
  7. legal expert
  8. mechanical design
  9. mechanical analysis
  10. mechanics
  11. mechatronics
  12. structural analysis
  13. thermodynamics

Paul van de Loo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. We provide engineering design solutions to a broad technical range of industries, spanning mechanical, electronics and software design. Since 1993 we have developed many innovative class leading products for our clients. We focus on developing IP that enables our clients to protect a competitive advantage in the marketplace.