Problem Solver

Peaches Udoma

Areas Peaches Udoma is Knowledgeable in:

Problem-solving, writing, editing, all communications, grants, publications, development/fundraising, teaching, leadership training.

Techniques Peaches Udoma Uses:

Each problem requires its own, tailored solution techniques, and the latter is as varied as the former. I can bring in groups of experts to provide input, can employ visuals, dialogue, role-play, research, time and logistics management, algorithms, targeted discussions with policy-makers, etc.

Peaches Udoma's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. writing
  2. editing
  3. leadership training/coaching
  4. teaching
  5. mentoring
  6. relationship coaching
  7. collaborative learning
  8. research
  9. grant writing
  10. study protocol writing
  11. study design
  12. publishing
  13. teaching grant writing
  14. academic publishing
  15. academic writing
  16. professional problem-solving
  17. communications
  18. marketing
  19. project management

Peaches Udoma's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am frequently called upon to solve problems in professional written communications. Often, scientists in all subject areas are unable to write for audiences outside of their disciplines, when it is required that they do so. I provide "translation" and the ability for their messages to reach their designated audiences. This happens frequently in the space of NIH grant submission. Study sections are often composed of multi-disciplinary reviewers, and an investigator needs to be able to tailor his/her writing to reach all parties.
  2. In the areas of collaboration, I am called upon to provide workability when collaborators are at an impasse and cannot move the project forward. This happened in a multi-million dollar grant submission for a research institute. They had been rejected by the National Center for Research Resources a number of times, mainly because they could not create cohesion in their collaboration. They were, in essence. "speaking different languages" to each other and not understanding.
  3. In academic and business environments, I am called upon to manage projects effectively, on time, and under budget, when others have failed to do so. This came up recently when I assisted in the planning and execution of a solar energy start-up and an irrigation start-up.
  4. In grant writing, I can cause clients' applications to be accepted, where they had been rejected numbers of times. I am able to see what's missing that other's cannot. I can "read between the lines" from a lay perspective, in scientific writing, filling a gap in logic that scientists often are unable to.
  5. In the nonprofit sector, I recently solved a set of timeline and logistics issues, supporting the executive director in the planning and effective execution of an annual event that was in danger of not occurring.