Innovative People

Perlito Cabauatan

I am an electronics technician by profession, however, after working in KSA for more than 13 years as a field technician; when I came back to my country, I was convinced that I should concentrate on the automotive field after noticing that many vehicles are the main cause of air pollution in our city.

I had invented two fuel savers and combined them to form a single unit for more efficacy.

We are sure that our innovation could help reduce the pollution from inefficient engines, considering that there are no known device/s that could equal the efficacy of our innovation. E. g., a 1990 1.3L Kia which run at 13km/liter; when installed with our invention, it will run at 19-23k/l on the highway. However, due to financial constraints, we could not fully realize the potential of our innovation.