Problem Solver

Peter Wolf

Techniques Peter Wolf Uses:

Depending on the clients situation, I use standards as team discussions and different brain stormings, but also uncommon tools like oracle systems and pendulums. I am successful in both ways.

Peter Wolf's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Innovative and cross thinking, straight, experienced, team player

Peter Wolf's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I am working since 1982 with anti stress systems like QiGong, Breathing Techniques, Visualisation and stuff for my and my teams motivation.
    - I am in continued Executive jobs since 1993 in markets like environment, furniture, premiums and consumer products
    - I supported companies in nationwide marketing campaigns and got free publishings in nearly all top print and online media of the mainstream publications. Also TV and radio.
    - I am coaching different execs in mental strengt, toughness and mobbing defense
    - I used and use very uncommon ways to find new (and the right) ideas, like oracle systems, mediations, pendulum, ogham and idea walks.