Problem Solver

Petr Smital

Petr Smital

Areas Petr Smital is Knowledgeable in:

Automation, Software, Robotics, AI, Physics, Mathematics

Techniques Petr Smital Uses:

55 minutes for the problem and 5 minutes for the solution. Also searching for facts and taking clients' own opinions with a pinch of salt.

Petr Smital's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I developed a highly automated data-driven financial audit platform for ~4000 auditors in Norway, Sweden and Finland
    - I advised multiple clients on automation opportunities, built prototypes and audited existing automation
    - I built a fully self-flying indoor drone product for remote and/or autonomous use in building security, mapping and physical data collection
    - I brought ~50 computer games to the cloud, for players to enjoy on a subscription basis
    - I automated the setup of an electron microscope, speeding up the procedure ~20 times and enabling the product to be used by non-scientist personnel