Problem Solver

Philip Lavoie

Areas Philip Lavoie is Knowledgeable in:

Business problems in marketing, sales, operations, finances, or general human resources.

Techniques Philip Lavoie Uses:

I eliminate variables and determine alternative methods for approaching any problem.

Philip Lavoie's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Money Management
  2. Personal Coach
  3. Enterprise Sales
  4. Flavor Ingredients
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Authentication (Security)
  7. Cloud Computing
  8. Virtualization
  9. Survey Design
  10. Event Planning
  11. Computer Software

Philip Lavoie's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I helped craft an end-user generated beverage company allowing anyone to perform tasks that had been reserved for major beverage companies.
  2. I successfully managed my financial life to be able to leave my career to become an entrepreneur, in effect retiring in my 30's.
  3. I established and maintained the largest user guided event in the world for a major software company.