Problem Solver

Pieter Holtzhausen

Pieter Holtzhausen

Areas Pieter Holtzhausen is Knowledgeable in:

Architecture, Construction

Techniques Pieter Holtzhausen Uses:

Strategist, I've got a system which breaks up all of the components or requirements and then start stitching them together to find a solution. This system work 95% of the time.

Pieter Holtzhausen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Plan drawing
  2. Architectural software
  3. Construction detailing
  4. Alternative construction methods
  5. Architectural design strategies

Pieter Holtzhausen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I was part of a design team and detailing team on a 45000 seat stadium
  2. I designed a steel and lightweight concrete modular and move-able building with integrated services. Plug and play concept
  3. I have designed, supervised and closed out +/- 100 building