Problem Solver

Pitabash Behera

Pitabash Behera
if there is a
problem , then there must be a way to solve it. there is no such
problem which has no solution. sometimes solution remains very
superficially and we think deep and fail to find the solution.
sometimes the solution remains in the basics and we think over the rest
without the basics. another thing is that, a fresh mind can solve the
problem dramatically than the person who works on it for a long time.

Areas Pitabash Behera is Knowledgeable in:

pharmacy, business, design, ecology, photography, music and life science.

Techniques Pitabash Behera Uses:

i solve the problems by a step wise manner-
1- first i think over the problem calmly and try to find its roots.
2- then i go for the detail fundamentals associated with the problem and think over the basic characteristics.
3- then i think over the whole process up to the problem. sometimes reverse thinking is required.
4- in these period solution comes out suddenly.
and the solution always remains effective.

Pitabash Behera's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. pharmaceutical
  2. business

Pitabash Behera's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i have developed a systematic procedure to extract mitochondria from living animal tissue.
  2. i have developed a new source of energy by using carbon blocks, hydrogen gas and electric energy.