Problem Solver

Prabhat Jha

Areas Prabhat Jha is Knowledgeable in:

Numbers and mathematics. Comedy.

Techniques Prabhat Jha Uses:

I simply can see the way to the solution of problems and basically I employ number theory preferably

Prabhat Jha's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Have start up ideas for road safety,environment safety and health safety.
  2. Speed of learning a new thing, I learn things earlier than anyone, I know many sports ,mathematics,doing engineering, dance

Prabhat Jha's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I found the relationship between cubic and quadratic equations and how a quadratic helps to obtain two cubic shapes.
  2. Just like quadratic sequence,there exists a sequence for cubic and higher polynomials. And the sequence results an arithmetic progression after successively obtaining differences,until the arithmetic progression is obtained. I found the formula for the common difference of that arithmetic progression.