Problem Solver

Prachi Kothari

Prachi Kothari

Areas Prachi Kothari is Knowledgeable in:

Research and Problem solving on one to one basis.

Techniques Prachi Kothari Uses:

Brain Storming
SWOT Analysis
Research & analytic solving

Prachi Kothari's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Electronic and telecommunication engineering
  2. manufacturing & Operation management (Procurement Specialist )

Prachi Kothari's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed a Quality Circle Group Where I have sorted various problems which is due to lack of inter personal skills and understanding,For a result most of the issues has been sorted out and improve the productivity of the group members.
  2. I have solved problem of extra inventory in my organisation where I have worked by implementing kanban system and 5 S technique .
  3. As I worked as a procurement Manager for a company and during my tenure I have succeed in achieving no production loss due to Raw Material continuously for 6 months( Earlier it was 40% production loss due to shortage of RM) by sort out the various issues of logistics and supply chain and developed innovative system to work in efficient way .