Problem Solver

Pranav Jha

Areas Pranav Jha is Knowledgeable in:

Education management, Product and service development and marketing strategy,Digital marketing for any business, sales promotion strategy and tools to implement the same, Business process

Techniques Pranav Jha Uses:

SWOT,Fish bone, decision analysis, Cost benefit analysis to select or reject the options,Brain storming with team, role reversal especially to address supply chain gaps, Excel models like scenario analysis for forecasting trend sometimes took help of external agency for primary research.

Pranav Jha's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. reverse logistics,supply chain management inward and forward
  2. primary education,secondary education,technology intervention in curriculum,learning environment,indigenous tools
  3. Brand management,product development and marketing,communication strategy,integrated communication planning,digital marketing
  4. government policy,economy,reforms
  5. Big data analysis,Data science,data research tools,types of data and segregation
  6. agriculture product marketing,Category management,Cold chain planning,Retail pos promotions
  7. Business planning,business development,life cycle management

Pranav Jha's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I redesigned the distribution channel for marketing of personal care products to penetrate the market in North India
    I developed a franchise business model for drug store chain in India with the help of a team and able to create a new business vertical for the company
  2. Instrumental in building websites content flow and placement in education,retails,agriculture products including dairy
  3. Brand,marketing and distribution solutions offered to personal care,Agriculture, food products and dairy products to win market and attain growth upto 60% on year over year, Break through ideas for product launches
  4. I planned and implemented a forward looking education facility with a construction area nearly 200,000 sq ft in North India with global team, Also planned teacher training tools for tech intervention in school and colleges,conceptualised the exam process automation plan