Problem Solver

Prasad Bhanvase

Prasad Bhanvase

Areas Prasad Bhanvase is Knowledgeable in:

Electronics, embedded systems, energy and mathematics

Techniques Prasad Bhanvase Uses:

1. 'Sound Velocity Based Temperature Measurement' was came to my mind when there was National Conference at college during my degree. The conference was about wireless connectivity and sensors. And when I realized that developing sensors need money, time and human resources. But they are waste (kind of) if, we have other ways of getting result as same as from the sensors (we plan to develop) by using already available things and choosing the other way than to develop sensors will be cost-effective and less time consuming.

Prasad Bhanvase's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I can solve scientific problems in fields of physical & mathematical sciences
  2. Also, I have small inventions and ideas related to energy and agricultural equipments
  3. Also, I can do embedded programming

Prasad Bhanvase's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. One of my project called 'Sound Velocity Based Temperature Measurement' and 'Time Shared Power Supply' for inductive dc loads