Problem Solver

Prashant Mirajkar

Prashant Mirajkar

Areas Prashant Mirajkar is Knowledgeable in:

- Cross industry experience Airline to banking, finance, e-governance has built problem analysis strength, i.e. ready work with problem in any industry but particular focus on people-processes
- Any solution that need IT support

Techniques Prashant Mirajkar Uses:

- Lateral thinking
- Theory of constraint

Prashant Mirajkar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Architecture (Application, Enterprise)
  2. Algorithm development
  3. Solution design
  4. Promblem Analysis
  5. Program/Project Management
  6. Coding, testing

Prashant Mirajkar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I have 24 years of experience in Information Technology
    - Have worked on new product development
    - Have worked on new organization initiatives
    - Have worked cross industry creating innovative solutions to client problems