Problem Solver

Raghav Gururajan

Raghav Gururajan

Areas Raghav Gururajan is Knowledgeable in:

My major areas of study are biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics. Much interested in genetic engineering, systems biology, synthetic biology, quantum biology, bio-electric/bio-nano technology and gene therapy. Though my academics are bio-related, I try to usher and ponder the very science, reason and skill.

Techniques Raghav Gururajan Uses:

Pattern Recognition, Holism, Reductionism, Abstraction and Metaphorical Thinking.

Raghav Gururajan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Mini Project :

    Aim - To elute DNA from Agarose Gel using chitosan nanoparticles.

    Initial Plan - To incorporate the nanoparticles in the gel.

    Problem - nanoparticles with DNA couldn't be separated directly from the gel.

    Optimised Plan - To create chitosan nanoparticles column by modifying the existing silica column.

    Role - Member of the group project.