Problem Solver

Rajan Gupta

Rajan Gupta

Areas Rajan Gupta is Knowledgeable in:

Statistics & Bio-stats
Data Mining
Machine Learning
Heuristic Algorithms
Data Presentation
Proposal Preparation
Article & Report Preparation
Survey Designing
Quantitative Analysis
Data Sampling & Sourcing

Techniques Rajan Gupta Uses:

I am Data Science Professional offering over 5 years of experience driving business
intelligence, technology implementation & analytics through research and data science tools & techniques. Have working knowledge of application of data science concepts across industries like Healthcare, Media, Education, E-Governance and Retail. Exposure to various univariate & multivariate techniques like regression, clustering, classification and market basket analysis.

Rajan Gupta's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. R
  3. SPSS
  4. Proposal Writing

Rajan Gupta's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed E-Governance development assessment index and implemented it on 36 states of India using 19 variables for year 2014 & 2016. My index made the ranking system more efficient by 20-25%.
  2. I solved the facility location allocation problem for Rural Kiosks using Clustering and Nature inspired Algorithm. My technique improved the cost within the system by 10-20%. Published paper at Applied Intelligence Journal of Springer (
  3. I worked on optimizing the Intrusion Detection System within a computer network using 6 parameters on 2GB data through Clustering and Nature inspired Algorithm. My technique improved the detection rate by 15%.
  4. I implemented Collaborative Filtering based Recommender System in R for a retail company and worked on 1GB of data. My technique had 8% better accuracy than already existing system.