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Ravindra Vatnal

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  1. algebra, pre- calculus , trigonometry, calculus, analysis, analytical geometry
  2. C , matlab programming

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  1. MATLAB programming solution in brief

    ex16.m -- main script to find root;
    autoRoot.m—this function uses brackPlot.m and newton.m to automatically find brackets and roots of the equation f(x);
    fun.m –evaluates f(x);
    dbydx.m—evaluates f’(x);
    brackPlot.m—finds brackets for the given equation f(x) with xmin and xmax;
    newton.m—finds roots with brackets evaluated by brackPlot.m ;

    function r = newton(fun,dbydx,x0,xtol,ftol,verbose)
    % newton Newton's method to find a root of the scalar equation f(x) = 0
    % Synopsis: r = newton(fun,dbydx,x0)
    % r = newton(fun,x0,xtol)
    % r = newton(fun,x0,xtol,ftol)
    % r = newton(fun,x0,xtol,ftol,verbose)
    % Input: fun = (string) name of mfile that returns f(x).
    % dbydx = name of mfile that returns f'(x)
    % x0 = initial guess
    solution incomplete bcos only 1000 characters