Problem Solver

Richard Fleming

Techniques Richard Fleming Uses:

- 1. A careful and thorough analysis of the business situation (to assure understanding)
2. Formulation of project goals and measures of success and the development of several alternative courses of action to achieve them (to foster creativity and to encourage innovation)
3. Thoughtful delineation of action plans for each meaningful alternative, including an analysis of resources required, risks, and likely outcomes (to test, and permit debate on, proper assessment and choice of recommended action plan)
4. Careful selection of resources and means for their application, together with methods for monitoring progress and measuring success (to assure desired results)

Richard Fleming's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Skills in each of the categories listed and checked in categories above - business analysis and administration, energy, etc.

Richard Fleming's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Earlier in my career I served as a group leader in process research for Air Reduction Company, Rohm and Haas Company and Sun Oil, and as a process design engineer for Texaco and for Lukens Steel Company.
  2. -I served as a chemical and plastics industry spokes person (for CMMA and SPI) to federal regulatory agencies and to industry groups presenting a number of speeches and papers, all self written.
  3. - I served as president and CEO of Catalytica, Inc. for 6 years and later as board member and consultant. Following its IPO I initiated the acquisition of a large pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Greenville, North Carolina and provided consulting support in its strategy and management. This included the contract manufactueing and packaging of pharmaceuticals for major drug companies and the preparation and filling of sterile packages.
  4. - I participated in the founding, financing, and management of the Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology (CIIT) in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, serving as the founding Treasurer and Board member, then Chairman of the Board, then consultant for membership affairs recruiting major chemical companies (50) to provide financial support.
  5. - I led an innovative program of technical business and research management for the Sun Oil Company introducing operations research, large computer simulations and detailed economic analysis of major business operations and capital expenditures.
  6. - I founded and operated a successful management consulting business which for 30 years provided management studies and services to many large and small companies in the US, Japan and Europe. Guided strategic planning and IPO activities for a number of small companies, including biotechnical, medical and equipment manufacturing firms.
  7. -I developed, led , managed and successfully implemented strategies for the important growth and diversification of chemical and plastics businesses for several different companies (eg. as executive vice president of Air Products and Chemicals, and as president and CEO of Avisun Corp. - later BP Chemicals) This included the development of a number of novel safety, business, technica land environmental problem solutions.