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Ricky Goswami

Areas Ricky Goswami is Knowledgeable in:

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language, Web crawling, Internet marketing, Big Data, Minimum Viable product, Lean product, Product validation

Ricky Goswami's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Natural Language processing (NLP)
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Blockchain

Ricky Goswami's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. OUR WORK:
    We have been researching on Natural Language for more than 3 years now (though, we have 18 yrs of experience in building AI) and had some success on the same. We did a pilot run / built applications for companies like:

    Client. Target Inc
    4th largest retailer in US. They did a pilot run to solve top 100 search problems that were more like conversations people were trying to have with their catalog through their search box on the website.

    See demo here:
  2. Client:
    This is 2nd largest food delivery network in US. They wanted to use conversation interface to bring down the average checkout time of their users from 30 to 45 minutes. We built an iOS based conversational layer that brought that down to 3 minutes with 86% accuracy.

    See the video here:
  3. Solution: UK Realtor Chatbot
    This is a bot that asks a simple array of questions that lets the bot fire an API request on RightMove to fetch results and display. A little NLP and spelling mistake detection was used for better detection of location names, developing a tolerance for spelling mistakes or slangs.

    See demo here:
  4. Solution: FAQ Chatbot
    Client: MindGym Inc

    AI digested documents sitting on a local machine of a call center and turned that into a chatbot. The chatbot is now an assistant to 60+ call center team and helps them provide swift answers to their customers and helps support 4000+ clients with 700+ products of the company.

    See demo here:
  5. Solution: Hotel Booking Chatbot
    A natural sounding advanced chatbot that uses well developed understanding of Natural Language and can understand multiple parameters in a single sentence, no matter how it was said. Follows all 3 type of conversations on can have with a bot as a human. Hotelsify takes those parameters and uses API to fetch hotel inventory and aids in hotel booking.

    See demo here: