Problem Solver

Robert Mullowney

Areas Robert Mullowney is Knowledgeable in:

Environmental and boat building.

Techniques Robert Mullowney Uses:

You might think this a weak answer but it depends on the problem. Market or engineering?

Robert Mullowney's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Marketing and environmental engineering and developmant

Robert Mullowney's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have over 35 years experence in developing and intoducing equipment in the environmental industrial market place.
    I have introduced a sampling divice into the US market that became the dominate system in the utility market by 1994.
    Took a small boat building company, 8 - 32' sail boats and 2 - 42' sail boats a month, to 35 - 32' and 10 - 42' in two years.
    I intoduced am managed the marketing of environmental divices from the German market in the US, selling over 2,000 units at $20,000.00 each in just 8 years.
    I have authored over 100 technical articles mostly on environmental problems.
    I have presented over 500 papers at technical events and conferences world wide.