Problem Solver

Robert Tompkins

Robert Tompkins

Areas Robert Tompkins is Knowledgeable in:

Anything mechanical even software related solutions automation, ergonomics, energy creation

Techniques Robert Tompkins Uses:

I am a troubleshooter at my job. I have to sometimes learn the process and then fix the problem on the fly to keep production running. I've employed many outside of the box thinking to keep things running.

Robert Tompkins's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Millwright, Instrumentation technician, Industrial Electrical, Machine shop, Professional Tig welder, vibration analysis ticket

Robert Tompkins's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I can't prove it now because I was young and naive. When I was 19 and started going to bars, I had an experience with getting warm beer from cheap establishments. I wrote to molson Canadian and suggested they use the paper from a mood ring sold in gumball machines and apply to their labels. Making it change colors when cold or warm. I said they can have it for free. I just wanted a free case of beer and it was really a customer appreciation type idea. They said we pay people to come up with our ideas, we don't except outside ideas. They didn't use it until they merged with Coors and they put it on the can. No big deal, I just wanted a thank you. But 100% people get cold beer because of me lol. I always have to innovate on the fly at my job and have made many improvements to the process to save time and money. I like thinking of inventions but never put them into reality outside my work environment.