Problem Solver

Rogelio Ramilo

Rogelio Ramilo

Areas Rogelio Ramilo is Knowledgeable in:

Animation, publishing, designs, all art-related concerns, and counseling individuals with concerns about depressions or low self-esteem.

Rogelio Ramilo's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. illustration
  2. Moral advises
  3. art-related projects
  4. animation

Rogelio Ramilo's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I had clients in animation industry looked for an economical way to have their idea be produced as animation reels. It's very expensive to come and seek for service in big studios, the main reason that they look to outsource a cheaper but as effective way and that's where they found me. With all my career experiences in the field plus my own technique developed, we have resulted to producing what they want. With my traditional talent of doing illustrations with pencil plus modern animation apps combined, I can and I was able to produce animations with a cost way more economical than thru big studios charging at high industry rates. In short, I am a one-man team artist who can do all the functions of all the departments in animation project.