Problem Solver

Ronnie Mmotlane

Ronnie Mmotlane

Areas Ronnie Mmotlane is Knowledgeable in:

Research, philosophy, statistics, psychological assessment, behaviour psychology, policy analysis, data analysis, writing, editorial.

Techniques Ronnie Mmotlane Uses:

Holistic and ecological approach to the any problem; for example, it is always best to do your own research before attempting to tackle a question so that you can know about all the factors linked to the problem

Ronnie Mmotlane's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Data collection (i.e. Interview moderation, fieldwork supervision)
  2. Data management and processing
  3. Econometric data analysis (Data forecasting/projecting, time-series analysis)
  4. Writing for publication (i.e. peer-reviewed journals, book chapters)
  5. Research Project Management (proposal wrting/reporting writing)
  6. Measuring Instruments design and development (i.e. Questionnaires, interview schedules)
  7. Sampling Design
  8. Qualitative data analysis (content analysis)
  9. SPSS/Excel Data Analysis (statistical analysis including use of graphs)
  10. Research Design (quantitative and qualitative methods)
  11. Client consultation and stakeholder coordination
  12. Budget breakdown for logistics during
  13. Policy analysis, and development
  14. Editorial and publising

Ronnie Mmotlane's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have trained and supervised fieldworkers in the IEC research project on pre-election opinions
  2. I have managed and coordinated the Small Enterprise Develoipment Agency's (Seda) journal (Small Business Monitor) and coordinated publication of research articles in the journal, part of the task was to also manage the editorial of each and every journal article in the journal
  3. I have developed a research proposal for the GPG research projects