Problem Solver

Rushikesh Wagh

Areas Rushikesh Wagh is Knowledgeable in:

POLITICS, Engineering, Marketing, Education, Social, Branding, Any sort of Consulting

Techniques Rushikesh Wagh Uses:

Technical Research, Six Sigma, Why-Why Rule, Analysis etc.

Rushikesh Wagh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Practical Solutions

Rushikesh Wagh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Solutions were used by Laxmi Industries to develop new business relationship with firms.
  2. Solved the problem of farmers regarding the branding and scheduling of there farm product in Niphap, Maharashtra.
  3. Provided consultancy to Vice-Plant Manager of VIP Industries regarding the investment.
  4. Provided consultancy to one of my clients in his family conflict.
  5. Provided solutions to manage the investment to One of my clients naming Niranjan Thakur.
  6. Provided solutions to Sri Sri ESTATE Co. Regarding there farmhouse project.