Patent Holder

Sandeep Gupta

1. Patent Number: US20040215630 A1
Title: Hierarchical service management system
2. Patent Number: WO2004095281 A3
Title:System and method for network quality of service protection on security breach detection
3. Patent Number: US7120144 B1
Title: Universal application decode engine
4. Patent Number: US7321556 B1
Title: Application prioritization policy engine
5. Patent Number: US7219142 B1
Title: Title: Scoping of policies in a hierarchical customer service management system
6. Patent Number: US7257833 B1
Title: Architecture for an integrated policy enforcement system
7. Patent Number: US7139837 B1
Title: Rule engine
8. Patent Number: US7203744 B1
Title: Rule compiler for computer network policy enforcement systems
9. Patent Number: US7058821 B1
Title: System and method for detection of intrusion attacks on packets transmitted on a network