Patent Holder

Satish Thakur

1st innovation:
*NOTE: This innovation (Patent Application No. 1746/DEL/2008) has been published on 08/04/11 in the Patent Journal of the Indian Patent Office, & can be seen at Patent Office’s website
Abstract: The toothbrushes of the known prior art have drawbacks of not having 3 necessary built-in attachments of Cavity & Space Cleaner, Tongue Cleaner & Toothpick. These toothbrushes have flat bristle’s base surface facilitating easy dirt deposition, less adaptable bristles shape & less wider area of bristles, have no proper gum massaging unit, has less flexible neck & uncomfortable grip, & have no fluorescent strip.
In the invented toothbrush, those 3 necessary attachments have been built-in to incredibly enhance user’s ease & product value at immensely cost-effective price. The invented designs of outward sloping base surface, index-finger shaped bristles’ top surface with shorter bristles, index finger shaped massager unit, wider bristles area, more flexible & less pressure exerting neck, more comfortable grip & a fluorescent colored strip overcomes most of the drawbacks, at cost-effective price, enhancing the efficacy of the product.
These features & designs are easily implementable, highly innovative & useful, have immense demand in the expanding market of compact & improved products, thus also have great industrial application value.
2nd innovation:
Amended Specification of ‘Invention to improve & economize the existing state-of-the-art Spanner Tools Kit’. (Patent Application No. 855/DEL/2011).
This invention of Spanner & Screwdriver Tools Kit immensely improves the Spanner Tools Kits of the known prior art, by facilitating a far better range of its application with all 3 types of spanner heads (Open Jaw end, Ring & Hexagonal Box) of various sizes, & also the additional range of its application with 2 types of screwdriver heads of various sizes, with the two variations of innovated handles to suit all needs, by attaching & detaching the required heads (Ref. Drawing No. 2 & above mentioned Para 8), thus, is incredibly advantageous in terms of reduction in capital cost of the product, layout, range of applications, performance, utility & user’s ease.
This invention also incredibly economizes (saves over 50% of the metal used) the product, thus, is highly ‘industry-user-&- eco-friendly’ & has tremendous benefits & scope for its industrial application.

3rd innovation:
*NOTE: This innovation (Patent Application No. 147/DEL/2011) has been published on 06/05/11
in the Patent Journal of the Indian Patent Office, & can be seen at Patent Office’s website
The known art of nuts & bolts / screws (which are the essential components of most of the mechanical fastenings) have serious drawbacks in tightening / loosening the same. The 4 variations of invented winged nuts (Ref. Drawing No.4) have optional perpendicular / parallel positioning & proportionate extension of wings, added feature of square / hexagonal headed base of the nut to facilitate its manoeuvre-ability by spanner also, have thumb-shaped more comfortable grip & an overall ‘easier & more torque producing’ economical design.
The dual engraving design of the invented bolts & screws (Ref. Drawing No.5) facilitates additional manoeuvre-ability of the same by both type of screwdrivers & saves metal, thus reduces cost. Bolts / screws with L, T & Straight -shaped handles with thumb-shaped grip facilitates far better manoeuvre-ability.
Thus, these invented nuts & bolts / screws are more easily manoeuvreable, with or without tools, have more economical values (will save trillions of rupees in just few years of mass production) & mechanically more effective designs, provides effective solutions to user’s problems, are easily implementable & test-able, thus, have tremendous utility & business values, & thus, a huge scope for industrial application as well.