Problem Solver

Shagufta Ambreen Shaikh

Areas Shagufta Ambreen Shaikh is Knowledgeable in:

except molecular biology/microbiology ican work in any field of microbiology since iam a microbiologist molecular biology iam never interested.

Techniques Shagufta Ambreen Shaikh Uses:

the problum solving techniques is the use of microbes and develope a formulation where these tiny microbes could be banificial in cost effective way

Shagufta Ambreen Shaikh's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. bioremediation technology, biofertilizer technology,industrial microbiology

Shagufta Ambreen Shaikh's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. i have invented indeginious biofertilizer technology and successfully transfer to the interested clients in agriculture sector in Pakistan where this is a new revolution, bioremediation of pesticides upto 0.05 and 1% residual concentrations of the pesticides degradation, since its a huge prolum in pakistan and lots of international consignments are canceled due to the pesticide residues in eadables, and also the use of microbes in bioleaching of ores since acid leaching is very expensive method to purefy the metals from ores.