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Sonia Regina de Castro

Sonia Regina de Castro At twelve years old, I started writing poems and wrote several until shortly after the age of 20. So I started working with advertising and the newspaper. And poems became rare.
Then I realized that we are at a time when utility products can do much more than words in the process of moving to a more just world.
I started to develop inventions, as a secondary activity, two decades ago.
I learned in practice the difficulties with patent processes. I saw an invention of mine being exploited abroad, without yielding anything. But this sad situation challenges me even more. For, thank God, I'm not only an inventor.
In 2004 I decided to make equipment that would offer effective protection for motorcyclists. I made several versions until arriving at a perfect product, with applications in many other areas. In whose development I made discoveries that allowed me to develop other inventions.
I tell this story in this video
I am now looking to negotiate a license for these products.

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