Problem Solver

Steven Ewald

Areas Steven Ewald is Knowledgeable in:

I'm particularly interested and knowledgable in solar / renewable energy, energy efficient solutions and energy storage for residential customers, digital marketing and lead generation, web and graphic design, as well as demographic audience generation via Facebook ads and social media.

Techniques Steven Ewald Uses:

On a broader scale, I primarily utilize Kevin O'Connors "Map of Innovation" whereby I plot emerging technologies against problems that need solving, then brainstorm solutions. On a more specific scale, I attempt to rapidly prototype digital assets of some sort with my team, then test market them with very specific internet advertising. From here I'll often brainstorm ideas with collaborators in Google docs, going as far as a rough "feasibility study" framework to determine viability and conduct market research.

Steven Ewald's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. consulting
  2. sales
  3. public speaking
  4. graphic design
  5. design
  6. advertising
  7. new venture creation
  8. social media
  9. digital marketing
  10. energy efficient solutions
  11. solar
  12. marketing
  13. HVAC
  14. energy storage
  15. residential energy efficiency

Steven Ewald's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I worked on a team developing a prototype for electronic emergency medical records with decent encryption and security as part of the UC Technology Management Program, in part leading me to earning the Technology Entrepreneurship Certificate from the Department of Engineering
  2. - I designed and developed a gamified web application for music producers to remix songs and vote for winners in a sponsored competition format
  3. - I helped clients determine their home energy efficiency needs and designed systems with solar, HVAC, insulation, and energy efficient home solutions to reduce consumption, power with clean energy, and store energy in efficient ways
  4. - I designed, developed, launched, and marketing lead generation platforms in the solar, entertainment, and broadcast industry, oftentimes building specifically optimized audience demographics via Facebook "lookalike" audiences
  5. - I took client social media accounts to 30k+ followers in less than a year
  6. - I designed, developed, and marketed innovative products and packaging in the medical marijuana industry
  7. - I designed and launched a music website garnering 10MM+ pageviews
  8. - I designed and developed a social eCommerce platform bridging music lifestyle merchandise with interactive fan experience and engagement via social media
  9. - I designed and built a web portal merging relevant brands and products with a major network TV series, which scaled and garnered 10MM+ pageviews