Problem Solver

Tamara Szibat

Areas Tamara Szibat is Knowledgeable in:

Marketing and Business

Tamara Szibat's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I can create in my head concept and idea for every product
  2. I can see opportunity and structure for every product that need to be sold
  3. I am able to combine technology and ideas so that average person can understand.

Tamara Szibat's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I created a snow chains for stilettos.
  2. I solved and created for biggest multimedia house in Croatia loyalty platform with affiliate
  3. I created for tobacco industry possibility to make advertising without problem with the law.
  4. I created Ad-HoReCa program where suppliers can sell more goods to HoReCa owners and instead HoReCa owners are giving rights to suppliers to print commercial on their invoices. For every commercial HoReCa owner is getting better price on product that he is buying in the store and the store is getting money from the brand that is paying marketing for his own brand that you can buy in the near from the HoReCa location or in the HoReCa location.