Problem Solver

Terry Ajayi

Terry Ajayi

Areas Terry Ajayi is Knowledgeable in:

Love,relationships,family life,creativity

Techniques Terry Ajayi Uses:

Made an elaborate write-up on the most trivial ways that nigerias need help and made broadcasts.I also wrote a film on how I wud squander my very first fortune in adjust the general nigeria notion instead of absconding from poverty

Terry Ajayi's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. can innovate totally fresh ideas
  2. know all about how to relate with people esppecially when it comes to dating relationships and family life
  3. identify flaws like criticise music or any entertainment flaws
  4. can think of fresh film concepts
  5. can writing to another level
  6. know how to watch people

Terry Ajayi's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. People in nigeria have got the imbibed mentality that life is jst a sad routine and that has killed in effect their wit to have dreams.I studied a number of nigerians and identified how to adjust the problem