Problem Solver

Theodore Aririahusim

Areas Theodore Aririahusim is Knowledgeable in:

Managing people, Reseaching, campaigning

Techniques Theodore Aririahusim Uses:

First, know what the problem is, check why is has not been solved. Seek advice from senior managers and apply your findings.

Theodore Aririahusim's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. A speech writer and Political adviser, a good communicator, a charity fund raiser.
  2. Researcher in Eu integration, Foreign policy, Middle East, U.S.A and Russia
  3. A team leader and planner

Theodore Aririahusim's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I organised a team on a mission to research and create awarness on AID/HIV in a community in Ikeduru Local Government in Nigeria Africa
  2. I organised a fund raising event in 2010 on AID/HIV and the sum of £20000 was raised and sent to charity.

    I also a organised a trip for children during summer holiday of 2011 and two buses were hired to Clapton On Sea.