Problem Solver

theodosios kountotsis

I can research your idea, make sure it is 'novel', do patentability searches, work around patents that already exist, write the patent, file the patent, do the prosecution for the patent, and recommend further areas within your field that are ripe for innovation.

Areas theodosios kountotsis is Knowledgeable in:

Engineering and Legal

Techniques theodosios kountotsis Uses:

I am very meticulous in breaking down problems and then stepping back and looking at the bigger picture and applying non-traditional solutions. I always ask, what would be an outrageous avenue to follow and it helps me, at least, attempt to be different and novel.

theodosios kountotsis's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I am currently researching several potential ideas that might translate into patent applications. I have a list of ideas
  2. I love reading popular science magazines --- I get lots of ideas from there (I actually take notes from the magazines!)
  3. I can work around 'prior art' patents to obtain broad claims --- I can obtain patents and trademarks for your clients
  4. I can research any ideas presented for patentability purposes as well as technical feasability
  5. I recently wrote and filed 4 patent applications related to sports bottles (patents pending)
  6. Patent Attorney - Practicing patent law for 6 years (3 different firms)
  7. I have gone through a few thousand patents in my lifetime. I have seen several different technologies in depth
  8. Law Degree (2008) --- Specialty in Intellectual Property, especially Patent Law -- Passed NY and CT bar exams
  9. BS and MS in Electrical Engineering (1999 and 2002, respectively)
  10. My current job is basically working around patents and recommedning new avenues to follow

theodosios kountotsis's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I filed 4 patents related to sports bottles. They should publish this year and I am in the process of obtaining a few prototypes ... researching local manufacturers and in the process of getting 3D CAD drawings.
  2. I am involved in innovation every week as I do extensive research into several technology areas to come up with solutions to various problems. This is on my own time and on my own dime. Currently working on a credit card with better security features and an automotive idea I had concerning sudden braking of cars. Still researching prior art to determine if I should go forward.
  3. I used to mentor engineering students while getting my BS. We used to go to engineering competitions and I would provide advise.
  4. I worked for General Dynamics on Trident Submarines. We solved several problems as a group. Considering the complexity of the issues, it was essential to form groups to solve problems. I can't really reveal the projects I worked on since they involved fire control systems for nuclear missiles.
  5. Obviously, as an engineer, I am trained to solve problems in any field, even non-techincal fields. I was involved in several projects that required solving specific problems. For example, designing a meal cart for airline stewartesses that is easy on their backs.