Thomas Morin

Thomas Morin
- BS Analytical Chemistry, Geochemistry Minor - Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
- AAS Electrical Engineering Technology, Purdue University
- Summer Undergraduate Research Internship, CalTech Geochemistry Div (Clean lab isotopic analysis)
- Precision cleaning operations for aerospace, astrophysics and medical equipment
- Analytical Analysis techniques - Inductively-coupled plasma optical emission (ICP-OES); ICP- Mass Spectrometry; Graphite furnace atomic absorption (GFAA); Cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAA) for mercury and antimony; Ion chromatography (IC); UV-Vis spectroscopy; nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy; mass spectrometric isotopic analyses (gas or solid-source)
- Industrial-scale aquaculture operations for ornamental and food fish, animal husbandry and health maintenance
- Familiar with ITAR and FAR requirements for aerospace manufacturing
- Friction-stir and laser welding for aluminum alloys
- Orbital welding for stainless steels and aluminum
- Trained in hiring/interview techniques, and personnel development & management
- LabView programming (LabView versions 5-8)
- Trained in (not current) HAZWOPR, RCRA and OSHA hazardous waste handling and safety