Problem Solver

Todd Calder

Todd Calder

Areas Todd Calder is Knowledgeable in:

Sales, Marketing, biomedical, medical, dental, waste management, recycling, petroleum contaminated soils, marine, boating, envronment, robotics, finding other ideas for energy and nanotechnology

Techniques Todd Calder Uses:

I have the unique ability to look at a product and or service and provide an insight on potential design improvements and or provide the best possible way to market the product or service to its true potential.

Todd Calder's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Sales and Marketing of products

Todd Calder's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. President of Med Waste Management. Was responsible for launching the company from a start up to a company that serviced more health care providers than our competitors in New England. My former partner Mike Gagnon stated in Linkedin:"Todd was a leading force during our partnership at Med-Waste in building our company as a start up medical waste company to one of the largest medical waste companies in New England. Todd worked tirelessly in making our company grow with his vast knowledge of superior sales and marketing techniques. He brought these attributes with him as President and co-owner of Med-Waste which made Med-Waste the great success it was. I can and with sincerity know that Todd still carries those same attributes with him today in all his business endeavors. I will always place Todd at the top of my list, by far as the partner to have in any business endeavor who is honest, trustworthy, hard working, and with a great marketing / business sense above all."