Problem Solver

Anthony Kelbert

Areas Anthony Kelbert is Knowledgeable in:

I am particularly knowledgeable in structural design of lightweight components for the transportation industry. I excel at optimizing the strength to weight ratio of mechanical parts. I am also knowledgeable in design of human interfaces. I enjoy designing things that are inherently intuitive to use.

Techniques Anthony Kelbert Uses:

I enjoy solving problems wholistically. I divide my time equally between researching the background of a problem, developing potential solutions, and testing solutions that are most promising. I enjoy creating requirements matrices and then generating concepts where no solution is too absurd. Then I screen the concepts generated against the requirements to select the most feasible options.

Anthony Kelbert's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Prototyping and testing
  2. Military cargo transport system design and engineering including hook-arm load handling systems
  3. Technical communication and presentation to decision-making leadership
  4. Extensive hands-on automotive and construction experience
  5. Aircraft interior structural engineering
  6. Medical oxygen system design for aircraft
  7. Design for ergonomic function and human factors
  8. Collaboration and team facilitation including mid level management of design teams
  9. Military vehicle design including weapons systems integration and fire suppression system design
  10. Writing design summary reports
  11. Design for weight reduction

Anthony Kelbert's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I have independently developed a medical waste incinerator for use in humanitarian emergencies.
    - I have developed programs in Microsoft Visual Basic to automate routine tasks and improve efficiency
    - I have designed a medical oxygen system to be used in medevac aircraft
    - I facilitate collaboration between engineers, technicians, and suppliers
    - I operated my own construction and car repair business
    - I designed a cargo deck for a military transport vehicle that was 50% lighter than its predecessor and maintained the same load capacity
    - I have used computational fluid dynamics software to optimize flame propagation and extend exhaust gas retention time in an incinerator