Problem Solver

Triveni P. Shukla

Triveni P. Shukla

Areas Triveni P. Shukla is Knowledgeable in:

Food Starches
Masa Production and products from masa
Dietary Fibers and Hydrocoloids
A very good protein chemist and protein product designer
Microwave foods specialists and product designer

Techniques Triveni P. Shukla Uses:

All problems often miss a basic fundamental in science.
I choose to find a grand father root problem, the rest solves automatically.

Triveni P. Shukla's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Patent Exchange expert and IP Evaluation
  2. Food Market research and Analysis

Triveni P. Shukla's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Design and Install a corn dry milling plant
  2. Design and Install a facility for cellulosic dietary fiber production
  3. Created a new snack food from lime cooked corn