Problem Solver

Tzvi Aviv star Proven Solver

Areas Tzvi Aviv is Knowledgeable in:

biology, biochemistry, agriculture, data analytics, artificial intelligence

Techniques Tzvi Aviv Uses:

I enjoy the entire process, from deep analysis of the problem, to the critical survey of potential alternative solutions, to the selection of final solution and its presentation.

Tzvi Aviv's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Xinova (2017) - Patent application awarded for novel ice generation device.
  2. Syngenta AI Challenge (2017) - First place award. Predictive analytics/geospatial modeling of crop yields using satellite, soil, climate, and genetic data.
  3. Source-Sink Relationship Management in Ranunculus
    Our process improvement protocol for seed production in green houses was awarded
  4. Commercialization strategy for ultrasound technology in Healthcare Strategy Case Competition - I received second place prize with my team of four MBA colleagues. We presented a business solution for a non-invasive surgery using ultrasound technology.
  5. "High-Throughput, High-Purity Cytoplasmic DNA Isolation from Mature Seeds" was an IdeaConnection challenge for an agri-tech company. Our team of scientists received a partial award for our confidential solution.
  6. "Novel Antimicrobial Technology Needed For Liquid Antacid" - our team of chemists and biologists developed a novel preservative system. Our solution was licensed by the seeker - a large pharmaceutical company.