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This problem is a problem of ratio and proportions. Let the ratio of radii of moon to radii of Earth be

Then, we have -----> 1738 /6368 = 0.27

Now, for the best representation, this ratio must be maintained closely. So
Rm/Re = x /11 =027

Let the new radii of Earth (as football) be and new radii of moon be . So
Rm/Re = x /11 =0.27
Rm = 2.97

The best representation model for the moon with respect to the Earth model (football) should be the one having a radii close to 2.97 cm and we can see that Tennis ball is the best representation for the Moon.

So, the answer should be Tennis ball r~ 3

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  1. hardworking ,Ability to think positively, solving issues sticking to the basics.,Computer Skills: MS Office , MS Excel

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  1. The Earth Is To A Soccer Ball,
    As The Moon Is To What?
    by Arron Kau
    Beckham wants to build a model of the Solar system. If he decided that the earth would be represented by a regulation sized soccer ball (roughly spherical and approximately 11 cm radius), which of the following would be the best representation of the moon?

    Possible answers for this problem
    1. soft ball = r ~ 4.5
    2.small marbal ball = r ~ 1 ball = r ~ 3
    4 . ping ball = r ~ 2