Problem Solver

Vicki O'Day

Vicki O'Day

Areas Vicki O'Day is Knowledgeable in:

1. Social Innovation and program development for poverty mitigation.
2. Collaborator with the qualities of visioning, implementing, and operationalizing relevant platforms, programs, process, and organizational structures.
3. Researching and ideating with thought leaders who are highly intelligent, skilled, and competent at delivering transformative change.

Techniques Vicki O'Day Uses:

1. Human Centered Design
2. Facilitation of Inter-disciplined teams including NGO's, Governments, Utilities, Community Development Groups for solving energy poverty with solar
3. Social Innovation Researcher and White Paper Publications in thought leader teams

Vicki O'Day's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Strong at developing, educating and advocating for change in underrepresented communities and impoverished peoples.
  2. Excellent listener, communicator, speaker, group facilitator, trainer, educator
  3. Grant applications and management
  4. Research and report writing
  5. Highly adept at people, project, and process management.
  6. Flexible, reliable, and compassionate.
  7. Authentic and collaborative leadership
  8. Thought leader in clean energy, poverty mitigation, community development, human centered design.
  9. Entrepreneurial. Humanitarian. Innovator.
  10. Passion for learning about people, cultures, and higher mind solution providing
  11. Creative problem solver, ideator

Vicki O'Day's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I designed, managed, and operationalized a legal restructuring of a non-profit’s subsidiary LLC into a Special Benefits Corporation, separated businesses, empowered employees as owners, and created a mission aligned stand-alone for-profit organization
  2. - I led the International Community Development of Off-Grid Solar Systems creating energy resilience on rural hospitals and schools in Sub-Saharan Africa initiatives including:
    • Relationship building, Customer engagement, pipeline development and intake of off-grid solar systems with battery backup and powerhouse builds
    • Procurement on an international level of solar mircorgrid engineering and parts
    • Facilitated an international Request for Proposal (RFP) process for sourcing Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC’s) to build off-grid solar micro grids in Sub-Saharan African countries of Liberia and Uganda
  3. - I pioneered a social program innovation with the US Department of Energy and received second in the nation award for performance and the impact generated over an 18 month performance period during the Solar in Your Community Challenge for mitigating energy poverty with solar energy