Problem Solver

Wally Day

Wally Day

Areas Wally Day is Knowledgeable in:

Mechanical, Green innovation, battery, solar, automation/ robotics. Plastic design. Plastic design for injection molding.

Techniques Wally Day Uses:

All of the
above examples involved detail oriented engineering, with complex
equations for drive systems, and wave calculations for lighting, and
mechanical calculations for torque, and various other methods.
I am able to trouble shoot electronically down to pcb levels, I also have
experience with relay controls, and panels with lock outs, designed for
jails and prison locking mechanisms.

Wally Day's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I diagnos and trouble shoot for various Manufacturing facilities which use automation equiptment, including pnematics, and hydr
  2. I have 11 Us patents, with various invention methods which I have been paid for.
  3. Mechanically designed machines with gears, and motors and drives from the ground
  4. designed test equiptment for various Manufacturing needs
  5. worked with solar panels, and electric vehicles for military applications.
  6. Able to Engineer from ground level, mechanical aparatuses, and motor driven devices
  7. Able to diagnose and trouble shoot with schematics, and mechanical issues
  8. Designed electro mechanical devices for the Military and various consumer goods
  9. designed and patented several consumer products including injection molding, sheet metal, and various material research
  10. Diagnose and troubleshoot Mechanical issues with vehicles, including electrical and brake systems.
  11. I am Solidworks certified, and Have two years experience in ProE. I own my own seat of Solidworks.

Wally Day's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I developed a
    switch matrix which enables various location of buttons for a lighting
    control system-
    -I developed light piping with Fresnel lens displacement for lighting
    control systems
    -I developed various metal face plates and attachment systems for
    lighting control systems-
    -I have developed several bed of nails circuit board diagnostic clam
    shell type testing devices for end of line testing of printed circuit
    -I have engineered a concept for the military in automation of an
    electric vehicle on a track, including the motor, drive, gearboxes,
    braking and power consumption of the vehicle
    -I have a design patent for an ATV to save your thumb from becoming