Problem Solver

Will Lowther

Will Lowther

Areas Will Lowther is Knowledgeable in:

I have a lot of experience in retail and FMCG and have always been passionate about how you get people to accept the right balance between internal and external pressures along with delivering results

Based on this I have become very experienced with forecasting and excel which are two “bottlenecks” in my industry and how to implement tools and more importantly a culture that fosters using these appropriately!

Techniques Will Lowther Uses:

Research and listening exercises to fully understand and define the problem

Checking in regularly to ensure we solve the real issue I would typically employ a mix of idea generation and “trial and error” developments

I always believe firmly that failure is a key part of success but you must do it fast and embrace it

Will Lowther's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Excel
  2. Forecasting in business
  3. Sales and negotiating

Will Lowther's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have delivered for 3 companies numerous solutions for analysis of promotional investment

    This has helped the companies I have worked at which include major multinationals As well as smaller businesses better invest their money and improve profitability without impacting sales

    In the smallest organisation (£45m turnover) this has modernised all of our processes and uncovered some major inefficiencies in deals we have done allowing us to renegotiate effectively with our customers