Problem Solver

Xhanti Mahonga

Xhanti Mahonga

Areas Xhanti Mahonga is Knowledgeable in:

Im knowleadgable about the bible and it's principles, and have begun reading it deeply for meaning. Im into solving real world problems, and I feel I can help in every industry through creativity and innovation.

Techniques Xhanti Mahonga Uses:

Something I call creative exploration where with little facts I can bring out an answer, a new product, a system improvement, new quotes or aphorisms.

Xhanti Mahonga's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Conceptual Digital Design
  2. Creativity
  3. Innovation
  4. Strategic
  5. Thought Leadership

Xhanti Mahonga's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have begun a field called infinity sciences based on how heaven works
  2. I thought of an approach to education that would help garner interest among learners using architectural design, content, and literature design
  3. I thought of an approach to living conditions to inspire the world to good and awesome deeds through architectural design
  4. I thought of a transport solution using outback highways to relieve traffic congestion
  5. I represented Christianity in an interesting and attractive way
  6. I thought of an idea to host thought leaders on a platform, where one can begin to monetise on their content
  7. I thought of an idea of travelling through specific space locations to access the biblical heaven